Week 7 of what I watched

1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) : Watched this for the 10th time but this time in a whole different light (I wont go into detail) but Marie Elena felt like a ghost from Juan’s past. I very much identify with the character of Cristina. A realist with, protective of her friends, settles occasionally, and is completely in love with Catalan culture. A-

2. Last Tango In Paris (1972): Why is Brando such a raw angry weirdo? Hes like Gosling in a way that he was both a sex symbol and known for his range in roles. His acting into the movie is devastating (in a good way). I didnt know much about this movie before watching and was expecting an likely romance between an older man and a much younger woman, that ends sweetly. WRONG. Its very explicit. Believe me you wont keep your eyes off of Maria Schinder’s tits and some tight situations involving a dish of butter. B

3. We Were Warriors (1994); Who knew my uptight professor would play such a bad ass flick? Everything about this New Zealand flick is steeler. I admit you cant take the 90’s out of flick and that’s not always a good thing. The fight scenes, the music, and that hair. You need to watch this movie not only for the insight in New Zealand Maori day to day struggle, the amazing cinematography, the perfect pacing but above all you need to watch Rena Owens performance. She has such an amazing range and it shows. A

4. SLC PUNK (1998) My former roommate has been trying to get me to watch this movie for an entire year. Its funny to see half of the music that she played from that movie, even borrowing from its 1985 punk rock ideology. This movie about Salt Lake City punks is a goodie for a rainy Sunday afternoon when nothing seems to be on tv then all CSI seasons ever in existence. The characters are likable the acid trip is the truest interpretation ive seen. You dont really find a clear message from this film even though it may feel as though 1000s are being forced through your throat. In the end your left with a mildly good experience. B-

4. The Philadelphia story (1940) : A classic screwball comedy. Modeled after the real life Katherine Hepburn, shes forced to choose between three charming men..poor girl. To think Spencer Tracy and Clark gable were in the original cast…Oh what could have been. The best part of the film was the heat between Hepburn and Stewart. They both get drunk and dance around each there on the patio drunk resisting the urge to pounce on each other. Hepburn keeps calling him “professor” in a breathless tone and they end up going midnight skinny dipping. Kinky for 1940. A+

5. The Last Mistress (2007) : After Asia Argento was the trashy french mistress in Marie Antoinette (2006) she was the trashy spanish mistress in this. Only you if your absolutely desperate for a period piece I would tell you to go for that. Other than that id say skip it. C-

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